A long time client of Pacific Environments, we have worked with the Principal of Riverhead School to Master Plan for the growth while retaining the field space. The current design for two six-class flexible studio spaces will include a state-of-the-art Senior School Block which will follow the ideals of the Principal for Enquiry Based Learning. Additionally the team is working on a rebuild of the administration as part of the Building Improvement Programme.

We have been involved since 2008 with Riverhead school in creating a long-term Master Plan for the School and implementing this in stages. One of the main needs for the School was the creation of more permanent classrooms but to do this the current stock of buildings on site needed to be rationalised to allow the new block to be placed in the most appropriate location for now and the future.


To achieve this, the first project that was undertaken for the School was the creation of a relocatable village to house the students over the period of the new build. This allowed for the removal of nine buildings that were replaced with a new classroom block both physically and functionally. The new building includes not only classrooms, but also resource space, individual offices for the teachers, sports equipment storage, and a learning café for the students.


The opportunity was taken at this time to review school wide services and as part of this project a new gas fired boiler was installed and the school’s stormwater connection to the network was upgraded. Following on from the creation of the new classroom block, the existing permanent classrooms were upgraded in a similar style to the new classrooms, and canopy protection to the existing walkways was installed.