As a practice we have been very proud to have been associated closely with Rangitoto College over a long period of time. 

The completion of the new auditorium at the College in February 2000 was the culmination of nearly $8 million worth of infra-structural building projects, over five years, equipping the school with resources to meet the growth projections. The total construction programme has been accommodated within the schools existing campus where the roll in 1995 was 1600 pupils growing to some 2400 in 2000 with expectations of reaching a maximum capacity of 2500 in 2010.


The infrastructure programme, which provided many additional class teaching spaces, was focused on the support resources required for the satisfactory functioning of this large school.  The most recent building we were involved in at the school was the Maths Block, a fourteen classroom teaching facility, as well as Master planning and design for a number of projects on the site including a new Theatre and Music Suite. The theatre design was based on a raised stage floor model.


The main additional new buildings have been a third gymnasium, new library and information centre completed as the first of the stage followed by new staff facilities and expanded administration areas, together with the auditorium as the second stage.


The new auditorium is capable of accommodating 3 school years or 1500 at any one time. The normal use is for two Form years to collect for assembly daily. “Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat” was the first historic production in the auditorium playing to capacity audiences for three consecutive nights. A very challenging production on which to test the new facility, but an excellent outcome for a superb and competent performance.


The College is a destination for between 2700 and 2800 people five days a week, making it one of the  busiest places in the North Shore City. There are over 200 cars parked in the school grounds daily, and with a staff of nearly 200 Rangitoto College is one of the largest employers on the North Shore. All very necessary to manage the education, pastoral care, sports and the cultural activities of 2500 local teenage students.

Pacific Environments is committed to architectural design excellence, creating inspiring 'fit for purpose' built environment solutions for our clients. 


Sustainability, lifestyle and the creation of enduring investment value is core to our design philosophy.

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