The art of noise…. reduction

Autex Printed Acoustic Panel

We’ve just installed new artwork into the meeting room - it looks great, but actually sounds even better. The pieces are Autex Printed Acoustic Panel, which help reduce echo, reverberation and background noise. We love products that literally function beautifully.

The large blue light feature is also cut and formed from Autex Acoustic Panel, contributing to sound absorption in a room where audio clarity is especially important.

The Autex Acoustic panels are made from 100% polyester fibre, with a minimum of 45% previously recycled fibre made from PET plastic (think recycled drink bottles). Autex state that “the print allows for complete design freedom”. In our case the panels help showcase our work in a environmentally considerate way.

Autex Acoustic Panel Light Feature

Material and architectural product selection can have a massive impact on sustainability. Recycled materials, recycled-content materials, carbon sequestering materials such as timber, bamboo and straw all contribute positively to reducing waste and carbon emissions.

In Partnering with Autex as an acoustic panel and insulation supplier we help in their mission “to reuse materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill.” At the forefront of innovation, Autex continue “actively looking at alternatives to P.E.T. plastic,” something we at Pacific Environments support wholeheartedly.

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find out more at Autex

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