Opening Whitby Lakes Retirement Village

Whitby Lakes Village has just celebrated its final opening on 29 Aug 2019, following many years of hard work.

Pete Eising was first introduced to it by Sandy Foster the now current owner, 17 years ago. However it wasn’t until 2010 and 3x owners later that Sandy bought it and enhanced its fortunes.

Subsequent to the first introduction, after the first developer ‘fell-over’ during tough times, the then funders engaged Pete and Pacific Environments to assess the existing plans and develop a new master plan which resulted in a much more intensive and viable village. It went from a charming residential subdivision - a village of single-storied houses, to an integrated housing and apartment development taking the density from under 100 to around 140 units with new common facilities at the heart overlooking the lake in true water-front style.

There were many challenges to overcome. Houses that had been designed on the lake front obscured the outlook for the rest of the village. By relocating one completed brick-clad house to another part of the site and demolishing the foundations for 6x others, the views were restored for the entire village which immediately enhanced the outlook, amenity and property values. The owners recognised and encouraged the value of design without compromise, a real breath of fresh air.

Adding 3x storied apartment blocks recreated the density and necessary returns, and following 2x hard-fought Resource Consent battles with some of the neighbours, the dreams were finally approved and implemented.

Dame Beverley Wakeham in her speech at the opening paid humbling tributes to the owners, Sandy Foster, Phil Molloy and Graeme Smith (also the Builder; Tracer) for their vision and courage in turning the community around and delivering on their promises to the original residents for a village they would be proud of.

The modern lounge and community spaces, construction techniques following Wellington’s recent earthquakes and the landscaping effects have created a memorable village: a place where the residents can really call home in what is Wellington’s premier village.

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