Property Council Residential Summit

The Property Council Residential Development Summit was held recently and we asked Associate Miranda about the day.

Pete and Tane explaining their winning table challenge design to the judges.

"The Property Council Residential Development Summit was a chance to hear from leaders across sectors and disciplines on collectively supporting the future for affordable housing. The most memorable learnings for me were the examples from USA and their housing crisis. The key message is that it is “less expensive to go up rather than go out”, supporting intensification over sprawling out.

Building on existing ‘brownfield sites’, though more expensive to build per square metre cost initially, has long term savings for the city on infrastructure. There needs to be an industry team effort, including incentives to promote brownfield developments by Council, so that greenfield developments are not significantly undercharged in their development contributions, and vice versa for urban development not to be significantly overcharged.

It was really interesting to hear that the city of Portland, where they implemented compulsory ‘affordable housing’ actually worsened the housing crisis by increased rents and decreased new builds. A joint initiative and partnerships across the industry would be required to provide the much needed affordable housing that NZers need."

- Miranda

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