Mt Albert Grammar School is the proud owner of one of a number of Heritage listed School buildings in New Zealand.  When it came time to upgrade the interior of the lower floor for the school administration we were approached for design ideas. 

Working with the original fenestration and structure we were able to come up with a design that better suited the way the administration functions today. Frameless glass was used in the lobby to allow the original foyer to be appreciated while still separating administration and managerial functions.  The crest was re-instated into the flooring and new lighting was added by hanging trays below the existing ceiling so as not to damage it.


During the project it was decided that the doors needed to be replaced.  The original doors were no longer extant and we embarked on research as to what the original doors looked like.  The new doors were designed based on photographs of the originals that were found showing various teams lined up beside or in front of the school.


The work was required to be approved by New Zealand Historic Places Trust and we worked closely with them to best preserve the heritage of the building.



NZIA Auckland Branch Finalist - 1999