Pacific Environments' Interior Designers provide fresh, creative interior design solutions that are both functional and beautiful. 

Working with our architects or directly with clients on individual homes, multi-unit apartments, public buildings and commercial projects, Pacific Environments Interior Designers provide a professional service down to the last detail.


Pacific Environments has a supportive culture. What does this mean for our Interior Design Clients? 

The right Culture fosters collaboration, a real strength in a creative business. We encourage asking the seemingly obvious questions, the answers are often surprising! Our project teams are varied and flexible, ensuring the right people work on your project.

We take the time to get to know our clients.

For large workplace projects we have a structured process to understand the Unique Character of our client’s business and the subtle changes of Culture the workplace design will need to support. Smaller commercial and residential projects are more informal, often the client’s own character is expressed in the design.

Commercially driven projects.

All projects have commercial constraints, but for some it’s critical to success. Apartment projects require sales to get them underway. We identify the programme milestones early and structure the design process to meet those milestone dates.

The People Connection.

We spend a lot of time in buildings. How well do they serve our needs as people? Are they even designed for people? It is our job is to make the connection between the architecture and the needs of the people using the space.

Environmentally Sustainable Design for the inside of a building?

There is a large overlap between the ESD on the outside and the inside of a building. Design of the building envelope and services (like ventilation) effect the way a building is used. Our Interior Designers take this into account, meeting the occupant’s needs and the Environmental Design goals.