We were brought on board in late 2013 to look at roll growth with the school.  This led to a distinct phase of master planning for the school, as part of the Western Bays cluster, to reach the roll targets that the MOE have predicted for the schools in this area.   

The final master plan for the school involves a two-three storey building containing all of the flexible learning spaces (the equivalent of 18 classrooms), library/resource area, and administration which runs down the eastern boundary of the property opening up the play spaces for the children.  In addition to this a new school hall and music room has been designed adjacent to the administration.

The project proceeded through to preliminary design and was presented to the Design Review Panel (DRP).  A number of small changes have come out of this process and alternate locations for the school on the site were costed but found to not be any more cost effective than the BOT’s preferred location. The design is currently under construction.