The extension to Estuary Arts Centre is a highly functional space providing 2 much needed studios, a gallery as well as ancillary spaces. The mono pitched roof features wide overhangs with timber glulam beams cantilevering beyond the exterior walls and high level windows to  allow for air circulation & natural light, while the deep overhangs help to avoid over heating in summer. A large picture window faced in oversized Macrocarpa sleepers provides a stunning view from studio 1 over the Estuary and invites a glimpse of the inners working of the building.

In reference to the Estuary setting the building is clad with natural materials, with the combination of plywood cladding and Macrocarpa battens providing the texture and movement in the exterior walls in this ever changing environment – the timberwork has been finished with a natural wood oil and will slowly weather to a silvery grey over time.


The generous deck area & steps provide a direct connection between the studios and the Western Reserve beyond, where it is anticipated that the display and creation of outdoor art works will take place.


The interior of the building has been designed to provide a canvas for artworks, and is about the function of the studio work areas, with only a punch of colour to the studio doors, however the use of timber has also been used to reference the exterior finish with skirting’s and window architraves finished in timber, and an interior screen of Macrocarpa battens featured in the gallery entrance.  The interior offers large volume studio spaces with great natural light and ventilation,  and the use of simple technologies for high level window openings and ceiling fans gives the user the control of their space.