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Pacific Environments is committed to architectural design excellence in creating inspiring, ‘fit for purpose’ built environment solutions for our clients. Sustainability, lifestyle and the creation of enduring investment value is core to our design philosophy.



Triathletes Corner is a one stop triathletes store located in a small corner premise in the sea side suburb of St Heliers. With a small empty shell in a new building, the Pacific Environments Interior Design team were approached to create a retail space to house all triathlon retail goods in a relaxed environment. The store took on the concept of “transitional zones”, merging the idea from transitioning from one event to the next in triathlons into the retail space where many zones are required.


A strip of blue carpet runs the length of the shop with number blocks laser cut into the carpet, mimicking the swimming start blocks. The carpet highlights the wetsuit wall and directs customers into the changing rooms at the back of the shop. On crossing the entrance threshold, directly ahead is an oversized projector screen as one would expect to see a triathlon event, a feature of the store that plays recorded and live feeds of events. With a conservative budget, small creative touches such as the used competitor numbers wallpapered onto the front surface of a second hand counter, made this project a success.